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Finger Food Studios creatively solves key business challenges with groundbreaking tech solutions.

I worked full time at Finger Food Studios for a year as a software developer. During my time there, I was exposed to many new cutting-edge technologies that are Finger Food's specialties, including Augmented & Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT).

One of my roles was the web developer for Finger Food's own company website. I was the primary developer during a complete website re-design & overhaul, and I developed the pages based on the mockups I was provided from the design team. Prior to my departure as a full-time employee, we negotiated a contract for me to continue working on their website as a freelancer, which I did until the end of 2017.

The previous developer was a contractor who had created a theme built on top of the Sage WordPress starter theme. In the interest of creating a smooth transition — since each of the pages were being updated separately and at different times — I continued to build on top of and modify this existing theme.

As a result, I had to ensure my code integrated smoothly with that of the previous developers' so as not to interupt the existing pages on the site before they were able to be redesigned.

Therefore, although I was working independently as the developer on this project, I still needed to be conscientious of the existing theme code and tailor my approach to ensure a smooth, bug-free integration.

I worked closely with the design & marketing teams during this project; we held regular meetings to discuss project outcomes, progress, and deliverables. We used JIRA as a task management system. It was my responsibility to develop complex, responsive templates and layouts from design mockups, which also needed to be highly editable via the CMS for the purposes of the marketing team. This was achieved through use of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Each page went through extensive QA testing, a process which I was also heavily involved in and assisted with when necessary.

Example Pages I Developed (Screenshots)

Contact Page: Desktop // Mobile
Services Page: Desktop // Mobile
Industries Page: Desktop // Mobile
Landing Page Template: Desktop // Mobile
Activision Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
Sphero Arcade Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
Sphero R2-D2 Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
PACCAR Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
Spheru EDU Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
Lowe's Case Study: Desktop // Mobile
Enbridge Case Study: Desktop // Mobile

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