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Golden Ears Physiotherapy is the community leader for quality rehabilitation programs in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

While Golden Ears Physiotherapy (GEP) had its own established brand before I began to work with them, they eventually expanded their pediatric service offerings which required a unique yet cohesive sub-brand under the greater GEP umbrella.

One of my tasks as their graphic designer was to take their original branding and alter it slightly to make it more child-friendly and inviting to parents, while still remaining recognizable as a GEP offering.

The primary example of this pediatric sub-brand can be found in the trifold brochure I designed for their occupational therapy services aimed at children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (pictured above).

Throughout this design process, I was in direct contact with GEP's pediatric occupational therapist, providing updates and completing revisions both quickly and efficiently.

I still needed to maintain the general layout of the brochures that GEP was already using for their other (non-pediatric) services. I wanted the pediatric brochure to have its own distinct design, while still fitting in if it was placed next to an existing GEP brochure.

My goal was for the brochure to be friendly and playful, yet still professional. It needed to give off an inviting and positive feel to the parents who would be carefully considering whether this service would be the best fit for their child.

To achieve all of this, I altered the branding slightly to encompass a more childlike feature font, as well as patterns and shapes that are appropriate for a pediatric service.

I also incorporated some brighter colours alongside the existing GEP brand colours, and selected imagery which was bright and relevant to various aspects of the service (for example, motor & feeding skills).

The final version of the brochure is cohesive and friendly, encouraging further inquires while remaining educational, informational, and professional.