olivya.co | Portfolio of Olivya Striloff

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Olivya.co is an online portfolio and hub for my various different projects.

This page is a bit meta, given that it's all about the website that you're on right now: my own website & personal brand!

It's important for me to have a collection of my projects and unified in a single location, and that is the purpose of this site.

Similarly, it's important for me to have a personal visual brand that represents who I am as an artist, designer, and developer.

I wanted the design of olivya.co to creatively represent my design style but still remain understated enough that it wouldn't distract from the projects it showcases.

Naturally, this website itself is also an example of my work! As such, it was important for me to build it myself and make it my own.

The end result of olivya.co is a portfolio serving as a quintessential example of my design style and technical abilities, while serving the dual purpose of hosting and presenting my other projects in a way that also maximizes their own individual merits.