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Pixeltropes.com is a technical learning resource for aspiring creative entrepreneurs.

Click here to visit the live Pixeltropes site.

Pixeltropes is an ongoing entrepreneurial project of mine. I created it to be a teaching resource for creatives who are interested in learning technical skills. Originally focussing almost exclusively on digital art, I've recently begun transitioning it to encompass web development as well.

Through my work on Pixeltropes, I've also gained experience with email marketing, social media, and blogging.

I designed the Pixeltropes branding myself & developed the website on Wordpress from scratch, using the BlankSlate boilerplate theme. I used the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin during development for ease of updating the site once initial development was completed.

Creating the custom field structure took a bit more work up front, but the end result is a fully customised website that's easy maintain. (That being said, continuing to improve it is a neverending process!)

My plan is to eventually create a fleet of online courses under the Pixeltropes brand for those who would like to invest in more in-depth resources.