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I see every project as an opportunity for beautiful design.

Throughout my university studies, I completed various projects and presentations. I completed a joint major in Interactive Arts & Technology and Business Administration, allowing for a unique blend of subjects and perspectives.

My Interactive Arts & Technology projects were naturally more design-focused; however, I still saw my business projects as opportunities and took advantage of the creative potential they presented.

Wherever possible and appropriate, I tried to create a strong corporate design for my projects (after all, even when taking business classes, I was always an artist & designer at heart).

Above, I have linked a selection of group projects that I partook in during the completion of my business degree, for which I volunteered to design and compile the final deliverables.

Be it a document or presentation, I strongly believe that a strong sense of branding and cohesiveness is immensely important for any business, regardless of whether or not the audience consists of design professionals.

A strong design promotes an impression of professionalism, diligence, and authority before a single word is ever read. On the other hand, a poorly designed document gives an immediate impression of carelessness.

This holds true for any industry and is something I have always recognized as a priority.